Spring 2017 Music Education Coalition Events

Spring 2017 Solo Ensemble Festival

The 2017 Solo Ensemble Festival took place on March 4, 2017 at Athlos Leadership Academy. Please email stephanie.nesseth@jubileeacademic.org with any questions about the 2017 Festival. 

Please read the following information carefully: 

- There are two registration forms: one for registering solos and the other for registering ensembles. Registration button are below. 

- A separate form must be filled out for each solo participant or ensemble entry.  Ensembles should only submit one form. 

- Payment is $5 per participant. Students should submit payment to their school music teacher prior to the festival. Teachers can submit cash or checks made out to Austin Soundwaves on the day of the festival. 

- Solo time slots are 8 minutes and ensemble time slots are 15 minutes (including setup time).

- Performers must provide an original score for each piece being adjudicated. 

- Performers must number all pages and measures and write school name on each score.

- Accompaniment not required. Participants are allowed to perform with digital backing tracks, but must provide track on a tablet, phone, or mp3 player that connects to a standard auxiliary cable. 

Spring 2017 Large Ensemble Festival

The 2017 Large Ensemble Festival will take place on April 29, 2017 from 8am-3pm at KIPP Austin Collegiate. Registration is open to all grade levels and ensembles of all types. The registration deadline is April 12, 2017. Please email BKlenzendorf@kippaustin.org with any questions. Click button below to register!   

Registration Details and Guidelines  

- There are two registration options, "Contest" and "Festival." Registration button is above.  

- Contest Registration: Ensembles perform three pieces of varying styles.  Ensembles registered in the Contest category will receive ratings from our panel of judges and will be competing to earn a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophy based on total scores from the judges. 

- Festival Registration: This category is intended for groups that are still developing.  Directors can choose how many pieces to perform (no more than 3). Judges will provide feedback and written comments, but will not assign ratings.

- All groups will receive a professional quality recording, written comments, and a group photograph.

- Each "Festival" ensemble will receive a trophy for participating. Trophies will be given to all "Contest" ensembles that receive a I, II, or III rating, as well as an additional trophy for ensembles that receive a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place ranking overall.

- Payment is $150 for a school's first ensemble and $100 for each additional ensemble. Upon registration, teachers will receive an invoice for the total fee. Checks must be received on or before April 29th.

- A separate form must be filled out for each ensemble entry. 

- The deadline to register, cancel, or make any changes is April 12, 2017. After this date, schools are required to pay registration fee(s) regardless of attendance on April 29. 

- Each ensemble is limited to 20 minutes for their performance and setup. 

- Teachers/Directors must provide three original scores for each piece being adjudicated. 

- Teachers/Directors must number all pages and measures and write school name on each score.